About the YA

The Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations is a project of the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation.

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (www.faf.org) is a non-for-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that promotes reconciliation, and peace-building through cultural exchange. FAF is affiliated with the United Nations. FAF’s Executive Director, Patrick Sciarratta, sees the Youth Assembly as an example of bringing more youth leaders into the global arena. He is also the co-editor of the “NGO Reporter,” for the NGO DPI Executive Committee, which is disseminated to nearly 3000 UN-affiliated NGOs worldwide on a quarterly basis.

Mr. Sciarratta and Dr. Elaine Valdov, the former co-chair of the Executive Committee of NGOs Affiliated with the United Nations DPI – Outreach Committee and long time NGO representative at the United Nations, originated this idea in order to introduce a new generation of active leaders to UN.

For more details, email us at: apply4ya@faf.org


2 Responses to About the YA

  1. Gibriel Fatty says:

    i really want to be part of this noble conference to share my experience with youths from different angle to enable we youths to explore

  2. LAMIN SAIDY says:

    we the youths of the world should engage ourselves in skills, socio- economic and intellectual activities in order for us to achieve the MDGs of our various countries and continents.

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